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1990 Suzuki 250 Quadracer

1990 Suzuki 250 Quadracer

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May 2002 - After owning the Quadracer for 3 years, I decided to get a 4-stroke and something newer. As soon as I heard Suzuki was coming out with the Z400, I decided to sell. Well, that didn't go very well so I parted it out on eBay. In the end, I made more than I was originally asking for it. A lot more work was involved but money is money. In the 3 years I had the Quadracer, I never had one problem with it. It was proof that Suzuki's are very reliable.

1990 Suzuki 250 Quadracer
Modifications Included With Quad
Silencer FMF (not being used)
Front Sprocket 13 tooth (not being used)
Air Filter Uni Filter (not being used)
Rear Duning Tires Sand Tires Unlimited Sand Skate II - 20x11x10 on Douglas .125 Blue Label Rims (sold)
Modifications Added
Reinforced by ATV Racing
Sandblasted and powder coated yellow


Porting Max Power Cylinders
Head Mod Max Power Cylinders (Included with porting)
Piston Wiseco Pro-Lite
Reeds Boyesen Power Reeds
Filter K&N
Pipe Paul Turner Racing Midrange - Chromed
Silencer Paul Turner Racing Fat Boy
Exhaust Clamp Cascade Innovations
Spark Arrestor Cobra
Fuel/octane VP
2-stroke oil Maxima

Drive System

Front Sprocket Sunstar (12 tooth)
Rear Sprocket Sprocket Specialists (42 tooth)
Chain RK 520 O-Ring
Chain Oil Honda
Trans Oil Honda

Front End

A-Arms Laeger +2
Brake Lines Fastline steel braided for extended a-arms
Front Shocks Works Dual-Rate with Remote Reservoirs setup for +2 A-Arms

Rear End

Swingarm Laeger Stock Length (Used - Came with AC skidplate, bearings, and dust seals)
Axle RPM Dominator - Extended
Sprocket Hub RPM
Brake Hub RPM
Axle Lock Nuts RPM - 2 Lock Nuts


Rear Tires Titan Turf Tamer 20x11x9 on Douglas .190 Red Label Rims
Rear Duning Tires Skat-Trak Hauler 20x10x10 - 8 Paddle on Douglas 10x9 .125 Blue Label Rims
Rear Duning Rims Douglas 10x9 .190 Red Label Rims (Replaced Douglas .125 Blue Label Rims)


Handlebars Renthal - Quadracer Bend
Throttle Motion Pro Twist Throttle
Clutch Lever and Perch '98 Suzuki RM250
Grips Scott Hurricane
Kill Switch Pro Design


Front Bumper Graydon Proline
Nerf Bars Graydon Proline
Grab Bar Graydon Proline
Six Pack Rack AC Racing
Swing Arm Skidplate AC Racing (Piece of junk only lasted 2 rides)
Swing Arm Skidplate PRM Products (For my stock swingarm)
Swing Arm Skidplate PRM Products (For '85-'86 250 Quadracer which fits Laeger swingarm)